The official languages of ESU-9 are English, French and Italian. 

1)Workshops consist in studying a specific subject and having a follow-up discussion. The workshop organizer prepares, presents and distributes the historical/epistemological or pedagogical/didactical material, which motivates and orients the exchange of ideas and the discussion among the participants. Participants read and work on the basis of this material (e.g. original historical texts, didactical material, students’ worksheets etc). Workshops will be scheduled in parallel sessions and will vary in duration (1.5 hours for workshops based on didactical – pedagogical material; 2 hours for workshops based on historical and/or epistemological material). It is preferable to organize Workshops in English. Nevertheless, workshop organizers who intend to organize their workshop in another official language are advised and encouraged to prepare copies in English of the material to be distributed to the participants (e.g. slides, worksheets etc).

2) Oral presentations will be allocated a 30-minute time slot each (25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion), scheduled in parallel sessions. It is an activity in the spirit of a conventional research conference. Oral presentations can be delivered in any of the official languages. However, for presentations not in English, presenters will be asked to use two sets of slides; one set in the language they are going to give their presentation, and one set in English.

31 October 2021: deadline for submitting Abstracts of proposals for all types of activities.

15 December 2021: Notification of acceptance or not of the submitted proposals.

10 January 2022: Deadline for submission of revised abstracts. 

Important: Please, use the Application Form ( and send it in electronic form to