The discussion panel on
The role of history of mathematics in forming an image of mathematics among students and
general public

With Snezana Lawrence (organiser), Jean-Michel Delire, Helena Durnová, and Garrod Musto

This panel will discuss the role of history of mathematics in education and an image of
mathematics and mathematicians among both students, and more widely, in society. Each panel
member comes from a point of different area of expertise, but we are all interested and work in
various educational roles. We will each present very briefly our own motivations and how we
engage students to think about mathematics and mathematicians. We will structure our
discussion around these questions:

• What is your experiences of the views of mathematics and mathematicians in different
• What role does history have to play here?
• How are the images of mathematics and mathematicians changing through history?
• What practical ideas and suggestions do you have on implementing historical resources in
forming these images in educational settings?
• How do perceptions of mathematics influence engagement and motivation in the learning
of the subject? Are there any negatives in this regard?
• How can history contribute to the positive image of mathematics and mathematicians?

Further down you will find the short biographies and brief summaries of all the panelists.